---  Our son Julian in 2010:  ---

2011 pictures

Christmas ! (2010-12)

Walking around in the Neighourhood

The new money saving box

Happy Kellers


Playing Taiko Drums with Fukui Oma

A day out with the School class (2010-11)

Tokyo Disney Ressort (2010-10)

Open school class (2010-10)

The typical "Pissed about something" - Face

Shopping car turtle - IKEA

Vacation in Germany and Italy (2010-08)

In front of Opa's house

Checking the Camping Mobile

Lake Molveno

Trip into the Dolomities


Dolomiti trip - rest and prayer

Racing cars at Lake Molveno

Spaghetti in our favourite Restaurant - the best Bolognese !

Julian macht die üblichen Spässe

Carbonara in Venezia

Feeding the Pigeons in Venezia

Fun with the Pantomime Artist

Enjoying the Gondola trip in Venezia

Gondola in Venezia

Captain Julian and his Ice cream

Feeding Pigeons in Venezia - again

Visit to Omi Koessler in Bietigheim - TV pose, no matter where

At Karola's in Bingen

Great TV couch

Spaetzle !!!!!

Julian's Birthday Party (2010-07)

Eikoh Seminar Presentations (2010-07)

School Sports Day - Undokai (2010-06)


Papa's Birthday Lunch (2010-04)


The famous 'Kuru-Kuru-Sando" for Breakfast

Vacation in Hainan (Sanya) - China (2010-01)

Something not quite right again

Papa's Pinacolada ? Surely no Alcohol - or ?

Splendid Breakfast Buffet

Snorkeling Trip !

South Hainan Beach

Gyoza Party ! (Chinese dumplings)


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