---  Our daugther Alisa in 2010:  ---

Trying the Christmas presents - Wii Taiko Drums

A day out with the school class (2010-10 )

With Hans-Peter Pape in Sankei-en (2010-11)

2 Days in Tokyo Disney Ressort ! (2010-09)


Vacation in Germany and Italy (2010-08)

A little stomachache at the Airport

Trouble at the Minigolf in Molveno

Hiking in the Dolomities

Hiking in the Dolomities

Racing in Molveno

Dinner in our favourite Restaurant in Molveno

Spaghetti in Venezia

Walking in Venezia

On a Gondola in Venezia

Enjoying the Gondola in Venezia

Lunch in Venezia

Feeding the Pigeons in Venezia

Sigmaringen / Bingen with Opa and Karola (2010-08)

Stadtfest in Sigmaringen

Playing with Opa

Having fun with Opa


Flowers from the Garden in Bingen

BBQ at Andy's Place

Dinner preparations at Axel and Heike's place in Gutenstein

With Omi Koessler in Bietigheim

With Uncle Christian at Karola's

... just lost another tooth !

Dinner at Frank & Sylvi's Home

Sport Days at School - Undokai (2010-06)

With Ai-chan

Leisurely photos

Self-made pan cakes

With Fukui Oma

With Mama at Sizzler's

Happy Kellers

In the Nature - Papa's Gashukku (Rehearsal Weekend) in Hachioji

With Yukino-chan on our Terrace

With Miku-chan

L'Air pur - Mama's Birthday Dinner

On the way to Hainan (China) - Always having fun with Julian
(or fighting) - 2010-01


Enjoying the Ritz-Carlton Luxury

A little sea-sick, but otherwise HAPPY !

Hainan Beach (Sanya)

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